Is  a  pioneer in the commercial playground equipment industry  in Kenya .From the first commercially-available inclusive playground to the advent of custom, themed playscapes, Griffiths   has a rich heritage of innovative design and engineering that moves play forward  and  for  the  first  time  in  Kenya  ,our  clients  have  a  choice  of  a  powder  coated  metal  playground  system  or  a  wooden  playground  system.   

Its  a  proven  fact  that  nearly 25 percent of children aged 9 through 13 have no free time for physical activity  and a child is six times as likely to play a videogame as to ride a bike.Griffithsplaygrounds  offer something that even the most enticing virtual offerings cannot: , Through innovative design, we  also  manufacture inclusive playground equipment      which  allows allows  all  children including  ones  with disabilities to be active side-by-side with the able bodied  ones  . We believe that every child should have equal access to good play opportunities. Play is simultaneously a source of relaxation and stimulation for the brain and body. We  manufacture swings, slides ,climbing  frames  ,  tunnels ,  playhouses  etc  for parks, schools, churches  and childcare facilities  in  Kenya.
We also  construct  Tennis  and  basketball  courts  .

Our  playground equipment  and    school  furniture ,   are developed to provide fun for children in a safe environment.



All of our playground systems, activities, site furnishings and amenities are constructed from the highest quality materials and are backed by the industry’s best warranty and customer service.

Together, we help parks, schools, early learning centers and other organizations enrich childhood through play.

We   would   also  like  to  work with NGOs and   sponsors to  provide    playgrounds at  discounted  prices   to  needy  children.

 We   are  now  also  supplying  quality  building  materials  like  sand  ,  ballast  and  building  stones  .